Telescopic crawler crane

Telescopic crawler crane is a self-propelled crane. Crawler belt ground contact area is bigger. Traffic ability characteristic and the adaptability are good. It is applicable to the operation site in uneven areas, such as oil field, mining area, construction site, freight depot, wharf and other construction site; especially the low specific pressure area of wetland type area, such as marsh; and desert area that the wheel crane and others can’t work normally. This crane can play its special performance better in the area. The crane is mainly used for hoisting, load and unload, and short distance driving on load of construction machinery. And it also can make the laying into the ditch, docking, installation and repair of pipelines. It can be used in petroleum, chemical, mining, city construction, water conservancy and other large-scale projects. Meanwhile, it can be used as a general hoisting machinery for cargo loading and unloading, hoisting, stacking, equipment installation work, etc.

Length 11880mm
Width 3190mm
Height 3060mm
Length 11070mm
Width 3340mm
Height 3070mm
Length 12780mm
Width 2900mm
Height 3050mm
Length 12780mm
Width 2900mm
Height 3050mm
Length 5120mm
Width 2320mm
Height 2695mm
Length 13210mm
Width 3300mm
Height 3250mm
Length 14400mm
Width 3300mm
Height 3390mm