Hoisting machinery


Length 12780mm
Width 2900mm
Height 3050mm

Complete safety protection devices, stable and reliable moment limiter system, convenient calibration, freely switching of Chinese English and Metric Inch, rich system alarm information, simple troubleshooting. Super lifting capacity, big lifting height. Five sections of U-shape telescopic main boom and two sections of telescopic jib, high strength, big rigidity,strong bending and anti-torsion ability, super carrying capacity. Automatic positioning function of main boom telescoping. Self-telescoping of track gauge, large span, high operating stability. Hydraulic system adopts servo control, easy operation and reliable performance, hydraulic valves intensively arranged, easy maintenance.

Size(L W H)mm12.78×2.9×3.05
ATrack basemm3850
BCrawler lengthmm4630
CGround clearance of platformmm1065
DTail swing radiusmm3625
EChassis widthmm2900(3950)
FTrack widthmm700
GMin. ground clearancemm335
HTrack heightmm895
IOverall lengthmm12780
JOverall heightmm3050
IOverall widthmm2900(3950)
ParametersMax. lifting loadT25
Max. torque of basic    boomkN-m1323
Max. arm force of    full extending boomkN-m637(49kN×13m)
Length of basic boomm10.6
Length of full    extending boomm32.2
Max. lifting height    of basic boomm10.3
Max. lifting height    of full extending boomm31.7
Work ParametersBoom rising / Descending times48/46
Boom extending /    Retracting times60/40
Slewing speedrpm2.2
Max. line speedm/min120/115
Traveling speedkm/h1.25/2.5
Total weightT34.6
Ground pressurekPa100
Operation type-Water cooled / Turbol
Full tank capacityL450