Category: Crawler Excavator
Bucket Capacity 0.95m³
Overall Weight 21.3t
Rated Power 124kW/2050rpm

Medium-sized excavator series SWE 215E

Bulk purchasing model of national water conservancy construction projects

SWE215E is a classic model which has a good reputation in national water conservancy system and has played an important role in the newly upgraded E series equipment of SUNWARD INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT; by virtue of excellent performance and strong capacity, it is widely used in the water conservancy construction throughout the country, deserving the title of "Service Star"!

1. Enhanced working device-- more solid, sturdy and durable

2. Large torque walking system-- large driving force and strong climbing ability

3. Imported hydraulic components-- reliable quality and high working efficiency

4. High-efficiency multi-cyclone-tube air filtration system

It adopts low resistance multi-cyclone-tube desert air pre-filter plus fine filtration of two-stage air filtration system,

Filtration efficiency reaches more than 90%; the maintenance cycle under dusty working conditions

5. ELAC electronic control system using independent intellectual property rights 

6. Driver's cab-- in line with European FOPS/ROPS standards, wide vision in front of the machine, reducing blind spots of sight to the minimum extent and improving operation security

7. High-definition color multifunction instrument

Dynamic monitoring of the working status of the machine, providing real-time equipment operation and maintenance information. Embedded within multiple attachment operation mode, with one key selection. Loading counter management system, helping users complete workload statistics.

Parameter List
Size(L×W×H)9570×2800×3045mm --2.9m Bucket Rod(standard)
9615×2800×2985mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod

Outline dimension

B)Crawler length4260mm
C)Ground clearance of platform1060mm
D)Tail slewing radius of platform2850mm
E)Width of upper body2710mm
G)Chassis width2800mm
H)Track width600mm
I)Chassis ground clearance470mm
J)Cab roof height2960mm
K)Transport boom height3045mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
2985mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
L)Transport length9570mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
9615mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod

Operating range

a)Max.digging height9760mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
9495mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
b)Max.dumping height6980mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
6760mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
c)Max.digging depth6750mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
6430mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
d)8 feet level digging depth6570mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
6225mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
e)Max. vertical digging depth6155mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
5570mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
f)Max.digging radius9985mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
9660mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
g)Max.digging reach at ground level9820mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
9490mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
H)Min.slewing radius3560mm --2.9m Bucket Rod
3655mm --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod

Performance parameters

Gross weight(steel track)21.3t
Standar bucket capacity0.95m³ --standard
Bucket digging force155kN
Bucket rod digging force110kN --2.9m Bucket Rod
123kN --2.6m Shot Bucket Rod
Traveling speed4.9/3.1 km/h
Ground pressure46kPa
Swing speed11.8rpm

Oil tank capacity

Hydraulic oil250L