Sunward grand to hold 2017 European agent conference

On 12th October, Sunward 2017 European agent conference was successfully held in Belgium. This conference was jointly held by Sunward International Agent Management Committee and Sunward Europe subsidiary, which gathered all the agents in Europe for the second time since the beginning of the European subsidiary in 2014, aiming to appreciate the outstanding contributions of outstanding agents in recent years, as well as to display the new generation of products developed and upgraded for the European market

A total of more than 70 people from more than 40 European agents and representatives of government and media came to Belgium from far to discuss the development plan. The conference is based on the theme of "innovation, win-win and leap over", containing three activities, which were the authorization and award for agents, Sunward innovation products conference and return dinner.

Sunward Group chairman Mr.He Qinghua, Sunward routine deputy general manager Mr. Xia Zhihong, president assistant also the overseas sales department general manager Mr. Zhu Jianxin etc. and company leaders and guests attended the conference.

According to Sunward related sources, at present, Sunward has authorised more than 40 agents all over Europe, and sales are rising steadily. The European conference was held in order to strengthen the cooperation between Sunward and European agents and customers, and show the European subsidiary capability to provide better sales and service supports for the agents. Europe is a mature high-end market of construction machinery. Since Sunward entered into the European market in 2006, it has been increasing rapidly in Europe by its differentiated independent innovation products. So, in order to provide better and faster services, in 2014, Sunward established the European subsidiary in the European heart Belgium, as the market service platform, integrating the machine parts warehouse, warehouse, service center and training center. Through nearly three years efforts, Sunward European subsidiary is on a higher level in aspects of resource allocation and service quality, while sales performance has also achieved great leap forward as well. It is understood that, Sunward has retained more than 10,000 products in Europe so far. Especially in this year, Sunward Europe subsidiary has completed the double sales of good performance!