Great achievement form belt and road, massive batch of Sunward medium-large excavators export to Thailand!

At 10th July, the departure ceremony of massive batch Sunward medium-large excavators exporting to Thailand was hold in Sunward industry park. Sunward chairman Mr. He Qinghua, general manager Chen Gang, deputy general manager Xia Zhihong, vice-general manager Wei Daotan, Sunward Thailand distributor Mahachai company general manager attended the ceremony.

Mahachai Machinery and Auto part Co.,Ltd are located in Bangkok, Thailand. It is professional in engineering machinery sales and services for more than 20 years, which has rich experience in marketing and service, and has own professional maintenance factory.

At the beginning of 2017, Mahachai and Sunward established a formal partnership, and started to sell the products of Sunward series excavator to Thailand market agent. More than 70 Sunward excavators have been sold in Thailand market in the few month. In that period of time, relying on the high stability and excellent power saving, Sunward excavators have got unanimous praise from Thailand terminal customers.

Encouraged by this, Mahachai Company decided to further strengthen the cooperation with Sunward, and to discuss about the market planning and cooperation. Sunward and Mahachai Company have signed up a long-term strategic cooperation agreement on the basis of mutual benefit.

In the departure ceremony, Sunward chairman Mr. He Qinghua indicated that as the promotion of belt and road strategy, Sunward will set up more sub-companies, export technology, management and help ASEAN countries to build infrastructure. “I declare, massive batch Sunward medium-large excavators exporting to Thailand official departure ceremony start.” by the Sunward chairman Mr. He Qinghua, a convoy of 40 medium-large excavators have been set out to drive out the gate of Sunward intelligent industrial park. They bear the mission of one belt and road, which play an important role in local infrastructure construction.

Recently, Sunward follows the strategic guideline of one belt and road, accelerating the development of overseas market. According to information, Sunward has been engaged in economic and trade relation with ASEAN since 2005, Sunward has set up sub-companies in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and set up offices and warehouses logistics center. At present, Sunward annual sales in ASEAN countries are hundreds of millions RMB, and it increases year by year.